Michael’s Book on Bears 12″ Vinyl – Black

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Release Date: 8th March 2024

Acclaimed Northern Norwegian indie-folk duo return with their 2nd LP. Captivating, intimate and full of vivid moments from life in the rural arctic the LP sees Konradsen reaching new creative heights. After moving back to their respective small villages their music takes on new depths in themes of raising families, returning to your rural roots and grappling with the expectations vs. realities of life.


1. Out in the Backyard
2. Scandinavian Dynamite
3. Michael
4. I.O.U.
5. Maybe I Like Fermentation
6. Let it Pour Like the Old Days
7. Thickest Birch (ft. Fredrik Høyer)
8. Fieldfare
9. Pillow Mountain
10. Dološ Viessu (ft. Emil Kárlsen)
11. Æ og Min Elskede

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